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This print was very recently done for the Greatest Generation Aircraft's A26 restoration team of the GGA A-26A, IF 679, by the renowned Japanese artist, Taichiro Yamashita.  It is signed by Viet Nam vets who flew, armed, and maintained the A-26A at NKP, Thailand during the mid to late 1960's.
Tribute to the Nimrods
Published by Major Jay Norton, HQ TAC/DRPS

Quiet now . . . relegated to museums and parks . . . finally at rest . . . bathed in the deserved awe by children whose fathers she took to battle. WWII . . . Korea . . . Southeast Asia. Modified updated, and back to fight one more time . . . Can Do. Age and logistics defeated her; the enemy never did. Interdiction? . . . Close Air Support? . . . Armed Recce? . . . Her crews wrote the book. Who else could carry 9000 lbs plus, fly for over four hours, make over a dozen passes on target. . . and survive? With twin R-2800s pounding the air out of synch to confuse the gunners. . . bomb bay loaded, eight wing stations full and eight .50 cals in the nose, she went out night after night stalking the enemy alone. Her last show was possibly her finest hour. . . On the Trail meeting Uncle Ho's trucks and guns nose-to-nose. . . and coming out ahead. . . "What did you fly in SEA?" "The A-26, I was a Nimrod!" . . . 'nuff said.
- Anonymous -
The sleek black beauty sits on high

Frothing vengance from the sky.

A nimble Candle lights a light,

The enemy convoy comes into sight.

The marks are placed, no more to say,
That valiant bird is on his prey.

With nerves of steel he makes each run
The guns are up but this is fun.

His load is gone, his guns are dry

The weary Nimrod relieves a sigh.

Now the time has come and he must go

But God, he's been a fearless foe.

His wings are clipped, he'll cease to soar

That mighty hunter we'll hear no more.

But in our hearts they'll live again,
For we'll have known we've fought with men.