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Nimrod Ballad

The Nimrod Ballad
Written/Sung/Dedicated by Hatfield Brubeck, Bill Tilton, Ned Helm and Glenn Bremenkamp
November 20,1966 

An old VC truck driver went out
One dark and rainy night
He would have to drive that dark trail
Without a beam of light
He knew that Uncle Ho Chi Minh
Would be so proud of him
So he loaded up his P-O-L +
And headed out of Vinh

Nimrods, Nimrods, those truck killers of the night

He rattled through Mu Gia Pass
There was no turning back
He had to reach a truck park soon
To hide from Cricket FACs
When all at once a Nimrod flare
Lit the sky like day
He felt the sudden chill of fear
As it drifted down his way

Nimrods, Nimrods, those truck killers of the night

The call came through the night ... Nimrod Lead this is Gombey *105
Lead your cleared in hot if you've got that truck in sight
They bombed and strafed and flared ... and blew that bastard up
Oh Nimrods, Nimrods ... Truck Killers of the night

Nimrods, Nimrods, those truck killers of that night.

(+) P-O-L - Truck carrying petroleum, oil, and lubricants
(*) Gombey - call sign for the Cessna O1-E Bird Dog FAC