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The Volunteer Crew

Restoration – Dedication

The Oxford Dictionary defines “dedication” as: “devotion to a special task or purpose; single-mindedly loyal to an aim, vocation, etc."  Nothing bespeaks this definition more eloquently than the efforts exhibited by this rare group of selfless volunteers who have undertaken the restoration of IF 679, "Special K."  We are forever grateful for their commitment to this memorial to our Fathers' service to our Country!




J.R. Hofmann

Our Crew Chief





Name:Ray Schechter
Occupation: Retired USAFR Sheet metal Tech, C-130, KC-135, B-52, F-105, F-4, F-16, T-37
Aviation: Mike and his Brother are USAF veterans
Residence: Saginaw, Texas





Name: Mike Stratemeier (Strat)
Occupation: Retired USAF Crew Chief, F-4, A-7, T-38, C-130, F-16
Aviation: Mike has numerous family ties to military aviation
Residence: Ft Worth, Texas
Name: Steven Joubert
Occupation: USAF Air Reserve Technician, F-16, UH-1 (US Army)
Aviation: Steve comes from a military family, is a veteran of Southwest Airlines, and a graduate of Embry-Riddle.
Residence: North Richland Hills, Texas
Name: Amy Lamere
Occupation: Student, Tarrant County College, Aviation Maintenance Program. Holds FAA Airframe Certificate.
Aviation: Both Grandfathers were Navy Pilots. Father works at Lockheed. Attended air shows as a kid.
Residence: Ft. Worth, Texas
Name: Ethan Crisp
Occupation: Attends Hughes Middle School. Straight A student!
Aviation: Became interested in aviation by reading WWII history and attending air shows with his family. Grandfather Dave Lester is a GGA member and regular Special Kay volunteer.
Residence: Burleson, Texas 

Name: Dave Hawkins
Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic, Lockheed-Martin since 1991. Previous aircraft maintenance experience at Associated Air Center, Gulfstream, and Galaxy Aircraft.
Aviation: Both Grandfathers were pilots in WWII - B25 (ETO) and B26 (Mediterranean). Grandmother was a "Rosie the Riveter" during WWII building B25 aircraft at Dallas, Love Field. Dave first flew at age 15, and holds a Private Pilot Certificate with an instrument rating.
Residence: Watauga, Texas




Name: Mike Fritcher
Occupation: Student, Tarrant County College - Aviation Maintenance Technology Program
Aviation: Lifetime aviation enthusiast. Pilot, 20+ years, Instrument, SEL. Previous experience in aviation flight Schools, manufacturing machine shop.
Residence: Fort Worth, Texas  
Name: David Arber
Occupation: Owner, Total Electric, Ft Worth, Tx. (Commercial & Industrial Electrical Contractor)
Aviation: Pilot, SEL, Multi-engine, Instrument.
Residence: Aledo, Texas
Name: Felipe Esquivel
Occupation: A&P Mechanic, American Airlines Overhaul Shop (23 years)
Aviation: Aerospace Engineering, American Eagle Overhaul & Engine Shop. Loves working with his hands.
Residence: Arlington, Texas
Name: Miguel Perez Torres
Occupation: Owner MCM Auto Service, Watauga, Texas
Aviation: A&P, Pilot, SEL, Instrument, Multi-engine, Helicopter (commercial) B-17 ground crew. Extensive flying career in Puerto Rico.
Residence: Watauga, Texas
Name: Tim Shimko
Occupation: Commercial General Contractor / Architectural Services

Aviation: A&P Mechanic, former B-17 maintenance crew
Residence: Ft Worth, Texas
Name: Dave Lester
Occupation: Retired heavy equipment operator. Operated in East Texas open-pit coal mines.
Aviation: US Navy aerial photographer, served aboard the USS Guam LPH-9, an Iwo Jima-class amphibious assault ship operating the Boeing Vertol CH46 Sea Knight, and H-1 Huey helicopters. Became interested in aviation as an adolescent when his brother flew control line models.
Residence: Crowley, Texas
Name: Mark Reames
Occupation: C-47 Crew Chief, Greatest Generation Aircraft, Student, Tarrant County College Aviation Maintenance Technology.
Lifetime aviation enthusiast, Grandfather was an Army Air Corps mechanic on B-17's. Mark is a 10 years + motorcycle mechanic.
Residence: Arlington, Texas
Name: Clay Moody
Occupation: Lead Composite Technician, Mansberger Aircraft. FAA A&P.
Aviation: Graduate Texas State Technical College. Degree in Aviation Maintenance with Honors. Student pilot. Skilled mechanic with extensive experience in composites. Dream job to work on "warbird." Dad worked on F-4 Phantoms in USAF, Grandfather flew A-1 Skyraider in USN.
Residence: Ft. Worth, Texas
Name: Denis Meyers
Occupation: Student, Tarrant County College, Aviation maintenance Program
Aviation: Lifetime aviation enthusiast. Dad works at Lockeed plant.
Residence: Ft Worth
Name: David Warner
Occupation: Mechanic, American Airlines Overhaul Shop
Aviation: Previously employed by Ogden Aviation, American Eagle, American Airlines Ramp Service, and AA Shop (22 years)
Residence: Keller, Texas
Name: Rand Sanders
Occupation: Instructor, FlightSafety International, Gulfstream II & III
Aviation: Soloed at Meacham Field 1972. ATP, CFII, MEI, SES, Glider, 11,000 hours TT.

USAF (retired) 4 years B-52D/G Maintenance, 22 years KC-135A/R & KC-10A Boom Operator.

Has two children and three grandchildren.
Residence: Ft Worth, Texas






Name: Bryan Barnett
Occupation: General Manager, RTM Transportation
Aviation: Falcon Airways (DC-4, Cavair, Beech 18, DC-3) Private Pilot SEL. Was almost born in a Twin Beech, hence his life-long love of aircraft. Dad was VP of Trice Oil. Brian has an affection for round motors.
Residence: Boyd, Texas
Name: Jerry Davis
Occupation: Project Management Engineer
Aviation: Life long affinity for aviation
Residence: Haslet, Texas 

Name: Rolando Baez
Occupation: American Airlines Overhaul Shop Mechanic (AFW)
Aviation: Father was always an aviation buff, WWII related.
Residence: Ft Worth, Texas (From Puerto Rico, worked in various AA cities)