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The Last B-26K
Aviation History
September 2007
By Stephen Wilkinson

'Nimrod' Families Hope to Restore A-26A
AirForce Times
April 2, 2007
By Robert F. Dorr and Fred L. Borch

Honoring 609th Special Operations Squadron Of The Vietnam War
Foundation Hopes To Acquire And Restore Last B-26K Counter Invader
April 13, 2007

Long-time warrior...the A-26 invader in war and peace
Flight Journal
February 2000
By Nolan Schmidt and Peter Bowers

Interdiction on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Air Force Magazine Online
October 1971 (Reprint)
By Capt. Michael J. C. Roth, USAF
Excerpt from Apollo’s Warriors
Unites States Air Force Special Operations during the Cold War 
By Colonel Joe Kittinger